Syrinx ry.

SyRinX - In the spirit of Darwin since 1971

Syrinx is the student association of biological and environmental sciences. Over the years Syrinx has gained nearly thousand members which is no surprise because the society organizes lots of events and parties during the semester. Our events include for example trips to nature parks in Finland and abroad and different kinds of cultural happenings like nature movie evenings. We also take part in bird rally of Ahvenanmaa (organized by students in Helsinki) where biology students all around Finland gather together to compete who’s the master of bird watching. And of course there is the traditional Christmas party, which is organized by freshers, sauna evenings and other casual parties for every taste. The membership to Syrinx is for the lifetime; you pay once and you will be able to enjoy the advantages of being part of this lively society for as long as you wish.

The favorite place for relaxing and a cup of tea or coffee is the magnificent society room, “The hut”, which situates on the fourth floor of Ambiotica. Any time of the day you can see students hanging around the cousy sofa, sipping their coffees, sweating in the sun, wondering about the wonders of the world and laughing with each other and to each other.

But it is not only partying and traveling and coffee drinking that we do. Syrinx also looks after the rights of all the students in our department when small or big decisions are made. Being part of the society gives the students ability to get together and fight for their rights for good teaching and proper facilities for example.

In this society you can be as active as you want because the society is supposed to mirror the wishes and interests of all the members – also the exchange students and students from abroad who are here for the whole degree. Welcome to Syrinx.

Paloma Hannonen